Cemetery Lettering and Engraving

At Schultz Monument, we are able to add engraved dates of departure or other information as requested by the family on any stone memorial in Middle Tennessee.

For a job as important as the engraving of a loved one’s memorial, it makes sense to choose a company with the experience to do the job right. Our exceptional attention to detail, along with the skill and expertise of our staff will ensure that the lettering is accurate, and of the highest quality craftmanship.

Whether or not the monument was purchased from Schultz Monument Company, we would be honored to assist you with this important service for your loved one.

Our services include not only engraving names or dates onto an existing monument, but we can also provide additional inscriptions or designs to enhance the beauty and character of the memorial.

The skilled craftsmen at Schultz Monument Company perform these services onsite without the need to remove the monument.  By performing these services onsite, your monument will not be disturbed or moved.  We are especially careful and respectful with all of the services which we provide.

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