Granite Memorial Cleaning

Memorials are built in remembrance of the life of someone who has passed, to honor a fallen soldier, or to be a lasting reminder of an important historical event.  As durable as these stone and bronze monuments can be, they are still vulnerable to damage.  Over the years, elements can affect the appearance of your memorial.  Even the best stone and bronze memorials can be damaged by moisture, pollution, bird droppings, tree sap and other environmental influences.

Schultz Monument Company has the expertise and equipment to remove years of buildup from granite, marble and bronze memorials.  With our monument cleaning services, we have available an array of restoration methodologies to return your loved one’s memorial to its original beauty and character.  We will professionally clean your loved one’s monument or marker using special, environmentally friendly solutions and state of the art cleaning equipment.  We will clean any monument from a single marker to an entire family section to a mausoleum.  All cleaning services are performed in a manner designed to stop the damage or erosion from continuing and to prevent any harm during the entire process. 

"Monuments Are Meant To Stand The Test Of Time"

Monuments are meant to stand the test of time.  Let Schultz Monument Company clean your loved one’s memorial to preserve the design and integrity of the stone or bronze and to help guard against continued deterioration and the effects of pollution.

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